Sally Boynton Brown: “We Don’t Have the Next Two Years to Rebuild Our Party”

Idaho Reports recently did a lengthy interview segment with DNC chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown. The whole thing is worth watching, but here are a few key quotes:

  • “One of the things I think is really important is that we walk out of this election raising up women’s voices. We almost broke the glass ceiling, which was really exciting for a lot of us in this country. The last thing that we need to do is go backwards. As I was watching the race shape up and I was seeing man after man after man announce, I thought it was really important that we had a woman’s voice.”
  • “I think this is a great opportunity for our party to take advantage of creating a 21st century organization that is poised to attract a lot of new members. One thing that I really would like to see is having a conversation about the 50 percent of the folks who chose to stay home and not vote, and asking ourselves, ‘Why? Why was it a better option to stay home?'”
  • “Time is of the essence. We don’t have the next two years to rebuild our party. We need to be preparing for 2018 now. We need to be looking at 2020, but we also need to be looking at 2040.”

I should also point out that the hosts asked her thoughtful, substantive questions about her experience and the potential issues she might have to deal with as DNC chair, which Boynton Brown responded accordingly.  The fact that they had 18 minutes to record a segment intended for online viewing probably had a great deal to do with it, as opposed to the usual 4-6 minutes you might get during a regular live TV hit. You rarely see an interview with this much substance and depth on the usual talking head political pundit shows, so kudos to the on-air talent and production staff at Idaho Reports for a job well done.

Author: David de Sola

Editor/Publisher Political Wilderness

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