DNC Forum Houston Liveblog – Maria Teresa Kumar

Maria Teresa Kumar
Voto Latino

Learned in 2008 that way millennials and Latinos gather infrmation is through peer-to-peer
Latinos broke 50 percent mark for first time in this election, because there was a candidate who came after us and questioned whether we were American or not.
Growth opportunities: 141 percent Latino growth.
Texas will be a minority majority state.
Georgia: by the time early voting finished, 144 percent increase in Latino early vote from 2012.

In 2012, $6 billion spent. $20 million of that spent on building infrastructure in the Latino community.

The fall of Pete Wilson was not accidental. We are living a Pete Wilson moment across the country.  Proposition 187 defeated in courts and galvanized Democrats. California a reliably blue state in presidential elections since 1992 and Republicans control less than20 percent of the state legislature.

California – took 25 years to cement a legislative base. In less than 6 years, we kicked out Joe Arpaio and cementing a stronger Arizona.

In 2018, 84 House Districts have Latino population of 4 percent or more. In a tight race, that could make all the difference.

54 percent of Latinos voted before Election Day – those not part of exit polls.
Cubans in Florida voted more for Deocrat than Republican for president.
They voted for Marco Rubio, but at top of the ticket they voted for Hillary Clinton.

20 percent of America is Latino, but we don’t have leadership that looks like us.

Suggests party start talking about wage enforcement as a policy. Voters don’t want to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, but they voted for Trump because they wanted to stop competing against undocumented workers for the same jobs.

Invest in key states: NC, Georgia, Texas. “Florida not lost, just needs massaging.”

I would argue that one of the reasons we lost is we left voters on the table.
Here in Texas, we were registering voters for $3.31,
3 million young Latinos under age of 35.
Lost state by single digits.

Author: David de Sola

Editor/Publisher Political Wilderness

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