Top Sanders Aide Running for California Congressional Seat

Arturo Carmona – the former national deputy political director to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign – announced that he is running for the seat in California’s 34th congressional district recently vacated by Xavier Becerra:

He’ll be running against former California Assembly speaker John Perez, who announced his candidacy for the seat the day Becerra accepted the state attorney general nomination from Jerry Brown.

Former California Speaker John Perez Running for Xavier Becerra’s Congressional Seat

Former California Assembly speaker John Perez – who announced yesterday he was considering a run for DNC chairman – announced he will be running for Congress. This just in from Democratic strategist Dave Jacobson:

Perez apparently sent out a press statement shortly after the Becerra news broke.

If Perez is going to run for Becerra’s seat in California’s 34th congressional district, that would presumably take him out of contention for the DNC chairman race.

Former California Assembly Speaker Considering Getting In DNC Chair Race

John Perez, former speaker of the California Assembly, is considering entering the race for DNC chairman, according to a recent interview with Politico’s Carla Marinucci. Perez – who is openly gay – also said issues of importance to LGBT citizens are a concern now with the incoming administration and both chambers of Congress under Republican control:

Perez told attendees at Tuesday’s conference that there is an immediate need for the Democratic Party to protect LGBT voters against possible action by conservative activists buoyed by the Trump win.

For LGBT voters, “everything is on the table — and everything is very scary — when you look at both houses of Congress,’’ he said. “Trump has spoken in very unclear terms about … issues in the LGBT community. Hence, he’s been very clear,’’ said Perez. Vice President-elect Mike Pence, he said, is “one of the most ardent opponents of equality, who has advanced the notion of legalizing discrimination.”

He said his concerns go beyond marriage equality. “Fundamentally, it’s people being able to live free of fear for their personal safety and their economic stability,” he said.

He also said he was still “evaluating” on whether or not to run for the position.