DNC Forum Houston Liveblog -Donna Brazile

What a week.. It began with an inaugural address that was so dark.
Barely a week later on day to remember horrors of Holocaust, Pres Trump introduced policy discriminating people on the base of religion.
In the home of freedom of religion on day set aside for the Holocaust, Pres put in jeopardy, being divided.
Trump erased climate change and LGBT equality from White House website.
Any hope our president would show values for America’s people and laws, that hope is gone.

I marched in the streets of Amsterdam.
Over 500,000 marched in Washington, 3x more than showed up for the inaugurationIt wasn’t about identity politics, it was about unity politics.
Clear message: We will not back down. We will not turn back the clock. We will not remain silent.

Begins introducing former Kentucky governor Steve Beshear.

Author: David de Sola

Editor/Publisher Political Wilderness

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