DNC Forum Houston Liveblog -Donna Brazile

What a week.. It began with an inaugural address that was so dark.
Barely a week later on day to remember horrors of Holocaust, Pres Trump introduced policy discriminating people on the base of religion.
In the home of freedom of religion on day set aside for the Holocaust, Pres put in jeopardy, being divided.
Trump erased climate change and LGBT equality from White House website.
Any hope our president would show values for America’s people and laws, that hope is gone.

I marched in the streets of Amsterdam.
Over 500,000 marched in Washington, 3x more than showed up for the inaugurationIt wasn’t about identity politics, it was about unity politics.
Clear message: We will not back down. We will not turn back the clock. We will not remain silent.

Begins introducing former Kentucky governor Steve Beshear.

Donna Brazile Comes Out Swinging Against Donald Trump Attack on John Lewis

This is how the first DNC regional forum opened up. Tweet/image courtesy of Jonathan Martin of the New York Times.

UPDATE: The DNC has released the video and text of her remarks, included below.


“Before we get started, I have to take some time to talk a little about the current news of the day – something that’s trending. Of course it involves the tweets of a certain President Elect. Don’t boo – vote! When they go low, we go high! Thank you, Michelle Obama.

“On the eve of the holiday where we celebrate one of the greatest advocates and defenders of justice and freedom and equality for all. As we observe the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., we have, from President Elect Trump,  an attack on a living legend and civil rights hero, John Lewis.

“Mr. Trump said that John Lewis is ‘all talk and no action.’  I say, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, I say that John Lewis took action.

“He took action Marching from Selma to Montgomery. He took action in marching toward men wielding clubs across the Pettis bridge who fractured his skull because of the color of his skin. But John Lewis never stopped marching for justice and equality for all people.

“Congressman John Lewis, a proud son of sharecroppers, spent his entire life working as an advocate for young people and working people.  His actions and his sacrifice helped make America the great nation that it is today. John Lewis is our hero and he symbolizes everything we stand for as Americans and as the Democratic Party.

“We denounce these remarks not only on Congressman John Lewis, but on the good people of Atlanta – the people he represents, the Fifth district, the home of the state Capitol. We denounce the attacks on the home of Spellman and Morehouse and Georgia Tech and Emory – we denounce that.

“Look – I thank you Atlanta. We know that after Hurricane Katrina, you took in many of us. We love you, Atlanta. We love you, Georgia. We love you, America. And we love you, John Lewis.”