DNC Chair Candidates Weigh in on North Carolina Controversy

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, the North Carolina state legislature – which is controlled by Republican supermajorities in both chambers – passed two bills that would limit the powers of the incoming Democratic governor Roy Cooper, bills that were signed into law by the outgoing Republican incumbent Pat McCrory who just lost his reelection bid.

Keith Ellison weighed in on these developments during a conference call:

“The DNC has an election protection program, and this is at the heart of their mission,” he said. “It needs to step up right now to say this is outrageous, and get lawyers to oppose this undemocratic action that is happening right now. You gotta be in the fight.”

Tom Perez issued a statement:

I have not seen any official statements or public comments about North Carolina from any of the other candidates. If they do make any, this post will be updated to include them.


Pat McCrory Concedes

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory just released this video statement through the official North Carolina governor’s office account announcing his concession:

Here are the reactions:

Democratic National Committee:

North Carolina Democratic Party:

Roy Cooper:

There are no statements yet from the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party of North Carolina, or the Republican Governors Association. This post will be updated if they make any public statements later.



Durham County Recount Update

According to most recent figures published last night as part of the Durham County recount ordered by the North Carolina State Board of Elections, of the 52,833 ballots counted, Roy Cooper picked up 3 votes, Pat McCrory lost 1 vote and the overvote tally dropped by 2. The recount continues on Monday morning.

Here are the two most recent tweets about it from Durham County Government:

Numbers should be coming in later, but based on these tweets, it’s not looking good for Pat McCrory.